Blackwater Roasters


Wild Root

Nestled just off Richardson Jackson Blvd across from Grand Heron Dr sits a very unique & peaceful coffee shop called Wild Root. Tucked in among the natural landscape of palmettos & oaks, you find yourself in a walk through garden area of water features, bromeliads, lillies, natural herbs & many other plants. As we walked into the Wild Root we were greeted by Devin, the barista, whose personality & knowledge of coffee was as beautiful as the surroundings. A very traditional menu that has been graced with personally hand crafted espresso drinks, was a fresh breath of air, after searching the area for that perfectly pulled shot.

First up, to test Devin’s skills was a Cubano, and a Kevlar. Most Cubano’s the shots are pulled with the sugar in the cup, and then mixed together. Devin explained that they pull the shot with the sugar in the filter basket with the ground coffee, for a smoother drink. The Kevlar drink consists of coffee, espresso, butter, coconut oil, cream. As she finished making our drinks & handing them to us, sweet aromas satisfied our senses. The first sips of the Cubano were every bit satisfying as the flavors danced on our tastebuds. The Kevlar was a combination of sweetness, and characteristics that excited my enthusiasm and interests. After walking around the serene garden, while sipping and savoring our refreshments, we noticed a drink on the menu called a Smoked Palo. A Smoked Palo, Devin explained, is an espresso drink of caramel, espresso, steamed milk & smoke from the Palo Santo tree. Palo Santo translates from Spanish to mean “Holy Wood”. We just had to try it. She started by burning a small piece of Palo Santo wood & trapping the smoke in a mason jar. After that she pulled a beautiful shot of espresso, and then poured it in with the smoke & fused it together by shaking it. From there the espresso was ready to be incorporated with the caramel & then steamed milk. The Smoked Palo was a an unfamiliar taste that did not let your taste buds down. Palo Santo wood is known for its energetic, cleansing & healing capabilities.

Needless to say Wild Root is a wonderfully uncommon style coffee shop & we will definitely be back before we head back to South Carolina. Thank you Devin for sharing your knowledge & hospitality with us.