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As we get to know each roast, and find names that best suit them, we try to stay close with

local people, events and places, and tie them to the coffee that is shipped in from other countries.

Broken Bridges Roast - Decaf Colombia

Broken Bridges Roast - Decaf Colombia

from 12.00

Cup profile: American roast(medium) - Flavors of cherry, citrus, caramel, cane sugar with bright acidity

The Broken Bridges are located in what use to be the Madison, SC area. The Tugaloo River Bridge, as it was once known, connected Georgia and South Carolina until 1962 when part of the bridge was disassembled and moved to Cobb Bridge Road for crossing the Chauga River. The remaining two sections of the Broken Bridges are now used as a recreation park and fishing piers on both the South Carolina and Georgia side.

The Valle del Cauca region in Colombia is where you will find a small farm from where this coffee is grown. What is unique about this region is it is located in a biological conservation corridor where the farmers practice water management and friendly environmental practices to grow and harvest sugar cane and coffee. The coffee is decaffeinated using a sugar cane process.

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