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As we get to know each roast, and find names that best suit them, we try to stay close with

local people, events and places, and tie them to the coffee that is shipped in from other countries.

Jack Collins - Cubulco Guatemala

Jack Collins - Cubulco Guatemala

from 12.00

Cup Profile : City Roast(medium dark) - Dark chocolate, brown sugar, honey, lemon & lime, red apple and walnut.

As I thought through all the different coffees I have had, and the many names of them, I wondered what I could name my first roast.  So begins the Jack Collins Roast. 

I met Mr. Jack in Westminster, SC back in 2016.  Driving down Cleveland Pike Rd, I came across a house that had at least 30 beehives around it, so I decide to stop.  As I walked up to the door I was greeted by a super friendly older man who treated me like he had known for me for the last 20 years.  He invited me to come and sit with him on his swing out under a big shade tree.  As he told me about his bees, being in the military, working for the railroad , and being a volunteer firefighter for the Cleveland Pike Fire Dept. time just seemed to slow down in the golden corner of South Carolina.

So began the friendship of Mr. Jack and I.  As I politely excused myself, he invited me to his honey house and proceeded to give me a few mason jars of honey.  As I drove back home with my treasures in hand I thought to myself, this man has lived and is living a truly fascinating life.  Mr. Jack is 79 years young (at the time of this photo) and he is still collecting honey and managing hives all over Oconee county.  He is truly a legend and a great man, if you don’t believe me just ask anyone who lives in the area.  And that is where this roast gets its name. 

The coffee beans are imported from Guatemala in the region of Cubulco. 

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