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As we get to know each roast, and find names that best suit them, we try to stay close with

local people, events and places, and tie them to the coffee that is shipped in from other countries.

Pinnacle Mountain - Cordillera de Fuego Costa Rica

Pinnacle Mountain - Cordillera de Fuego Costa Rica

from 12.00

Cup Profile : American Roast(medium) - Heavy body, bright acidity with flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, red currant and nougat.

In 2017 a campfire, along with the drought conditions, set ablaze the vast woods at the base of Pinnacle Mountain, and stretched as far as the upper reaches at Table Rock State Park. Around 4000 acres were burned. But with such disaster and destruction comes new life, brought on by the beauty of the mountain laurels with their flowers of pink and white, as the charred remains come back to life.

This coffee comes from Costa Rica, from the region of Cordillera de Fuego or as translated, The Mountain Range of Fire.

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