Blackwater Roasters


Welcome to Blackwater Roasters!  I’m Jonboy and this is my beautiful wife, Annie. We are a home roasting company that is passionate about good coffee.  My wife and I are always on the lookout for new ways to try coffee and feel like we own 100 different ways to make it.(Some exaggeration here!) We have always loved the smell and taste of coffee!  It all started about 5 years ago in Texas, when Annie had a small espresso machine.  From there we bought a Keurig, then a Breville Barista Express, a Chemex(my daily go to), an Aeropress, a French Press and even a Turkish Ibrik.  Wherever we have traveled, from the USA to Canada and as far as Zambia, Africa, we are always in search of  amazing coffee and new ways to make it.  Just recently we decided to start roasting our own beans, and that is where Blackwater Roasters began.  Blackwater is a term used for slow moving rivers, such as the Edisto River in South Carolina. It is named such for its tannin-rich colored water, but also the peaceful rate at which the river flows. Coffee has that same tannin color to it and the aromas and taste can have that peaceful calming effect also.  We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do. We are just getting started and hope to be selling our roasted beans in the very near future so feel free to check back in with us.

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